Sunday, July 05, 2015

Have you ever romanced a place, yes, not a person but a place? I have, it feels just the same as romancing a person. You touch, breathe, feel, talk, listen to a place just like how you would with a person. For instance, when you miss your lover, you pick his shirt and you find comfort in his fragrance on the shirt, isn't it similar to waking up to the same scent of fresh morning dew everyday. You long for a hug at the end of a hard day, while you also find solace in the sweet caress of the warm, humid breeze on a summer evening. Sitting on a quite afternoon when your love tucks away your hair behind your ears, don't you get the same feeling when a cool breeze sneaks it's way through the cracks of the window and plays with your locks. On some days when you can't take your eyes off your loved one and you just want to sit there and look in their eyes, don't you get the same feeling sitting on the beach staring at the beautiful sunset. On both occasions you just wish that the day never ends. Oh! I can keep writing about the similarities but I guess I have given you a fair idea of what I am talking about.

I realized that I had a romantic relationship with one such place and I realized my love for it only after I left it forever. I don't know how many monsoons will I miss before we meet again, how I long for the sweet smell of mud when it rains. How I long for the early morning song of the birds, the silence of the lazy afternoons, the cacophony of the evenings and the lullaby of the night. I long to look at the moon from my window, the sun's rays playing on my veranda. It's bitter sweet, the bitter emptiness of the sweet love we had, I miss you. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

A local train, a typical Indian railway station, we ran dragging our luggage along the length of the train looking for a place to sit. I find one and scream and wave to others. In our attempt to stay together despite looking in different directions for a place to sit, this was the best I could try to capture their attention. I run inside rather than waiting for others to arrive, and lug my baggage on the seat to claim its occupancy. The other two quickly follow, one climbs in while the other throws in the luggage. Once both are aboard, they quickly drag themselves along with the bags and we settle in the seats.
I gaze out of the window, I feel I have been transported back at least 20years. A lady carrying two plastic bags along with her two kids sits on the seat diagonally opposite mine. Smeared in red nail-paint and lipstick, she squeezes in to find ample place so that she can accommodate her little daughter on her lap, while her son sits opposite her. They play with a tiny circular object tied in the center with a string. I smile at the innocence and abhor myself for judging the lady negatively at the lack of her make-up sense. My heart melts when I see the mother playing with her children, I look away disgusted with my sense of judgement.
A song plays on, I don't even remember when I had heard it last, when I was in 4th grade, maybe 5th. The speakers of whichever device the song was emanating from appeared as if it would die out any minute. Still I loved the song, the sun was setting, we crossed one tunnel after another, on my first trip I had attempted to count them all. I don't try it any more, and no I don't remember either how many tunnels were there.
I miss my past, but, this present too is so ghastly like the past! I won't know, in future whether I will miss the past or the present which felt like the past.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Me: hmmm...ummm...oooo...hmmm...
I: This is what happens when you don't blog for so long! Hmph!
Me: ummm... but..
I: What?! Rusted your brain?!
Me: uh.. No!
I: Yea right!What then?!
Me: just that I ..
I: I... I... that's Me you aren't I..
Me: But you just said Me yourself!
I: ahem! Don't digress from the topic!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Finally like I stated earlier, my blog has the new look. I like it, its bright and feminine but not over the top feminine and its pink but not too pink! :)
Fresh at last!!